Professional Diploma in Software Engineering

R.S. Infotech is the best Computer Education providing Diploma in software Engineering in Mumbai. Our software engineering Diploma is 100% Job oriented and practical Diploma.This diploma program is divided into different modules like computer fundamentals, web designing, programming languages, database,software development techniques, content management systems, digital marketing and live project.

Programming Fundamental (Module 1)


  • Introduction to Programming, Operators, LOOPS, Handling files.


  • Program with OOPS Input & Output Working With functions OOPS Concept-Classes, Objects & Methods.

Visual Basics

  • Inter, Data Types, Variables Operators, Modules, Forms, Procedure, Arrays, ODBC, DLL, Custom Control, MDI & OLE.

Core Java

  • The Java Language Structure Interfaces & AWT & Applets, Database Connecting, Through Constructor, Exception Handling Multithreading.

Advance Java

  • JSP, Servlet, Apache Tomcat EJB & Hibernate, Strust, Spring, J2EE Intro.


  • RDBMS Concepts DDL / DML DCL, PL / SQL, Trigger, Cursor, Procedures.


  • Syntax /Decision Making Loops, Nested Loops, Strings, Lists, Tuples User defined Functions / Modules~ Files I/O Database Access.

Web Programming (Module 2)

Study of Internet

  • Surfing, E- Mailing & Chatting.


  • Basic tags, Working with text, Graphics & Tables.


  • Frames DHTML ,Concept, Use of Style, Sheets (CSS).

Java Script

  • Loops, Arrays, Frames, Working with, Scroll Bars.

Dream Weaver

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver Editor Working with Images,Tables, Frames etc.


  • Creating images & Animated Gifs, Working with Various controls.


  • File Transfer Protocol.

.Net Specialist (Module 3)


  • Using Visual Using Visual Studio, Working with Object, Adv. Concept, Debugging & Deployment.


  • Net Architecture & Advantages, JIT complier, C# Features, Applications. Exception Handling I / O With C#.


  • Data building in ASP.NET, Managing state & securing, Using XML & search tool, Ajax with ASP.NET, MVC with Asp.NET. Personalisation.


  • .NET Data Providers Data Set Components.


  • Concepts Integrity Rules, Client Server Architecture, Database Operations with T – SQL.

E-Com Technology (Module 4)

SQL Server

  • Concepts Integrity Rules, Client Server Architecture, Database Operations with T – SQL.

VB Script

  • Functions, Event Handlers, Connection Database, Using ADO.


  • Server Side Programming Concepts, Objects, Properties, Methods Work with Active – x Object.

IIS (Web Server)

  • Installation, Configuration Database, Connectivity on Server, Uploading & Managing Sites on the Server.


  • Introduction to SQL,Syntax, Select,Insert, Update, Delect, Top, Like, Wildcard in B/W Alias, Joins, Constraints,Create Table & Function.


  • Introduction to PHP & PHP Secure E-mail, File Cookies, Error Handling, Exception.

Android Developer (Module 5)

What Is Android, History And Version Installing Software, Setup Sdk Environmental Setup, Architecture Application Components, Android Emulator Android Manifest Xml, R Java File

Activity And Fragment

  • Activity Life Cycle, Activity Example Fragment Life Cycle, Fragment

UI Widgest

  • Layout, Ui Controls, Textview, Edittext Autocomplete Text View, Buttons, Image Buttons Check Box, Radio Buttons.

User Interface

  • vUi design, vUi pattern, vUi testing , vWidgest.

Advance Android

  • Android drag and drop, Android based services,Sending email, Sending SMS ,phone calls Publishing Android application Blue tooth, Clipboard, Custom font.

Software Testing (Module 6)

Importance Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing SDLC Vs STLC Software Testing Life Cycle – STLC explained.

Testing Different Domains
Performance Testing
Testing Fundamentals Types of Testing
Test Case Development
Testing Techniques
Test Management & Control
WhiteBox Testing