Diploma in Civil Engineering (Design)

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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering basically deals with planning, designing, building, and supervising infrastructural constructions like highways, tunnels, airports, sewage systems, treatment plants, etc. This field requires using computer design softwares that help visualize, edit, and re-use project plans.

This diploma is a crucial digital course designed to equip Civil Engineering students with software skills that’ll help them develop error-free and precise digital structures or plans with confidence and ease. By end of this course, you’ll be able to render precise designs and scale models in two dimensional (AutoCAD 2D) and/or three-dimensional (AutoCAD 2D) ways, that’ll help you effectively visualize your project’s end-results.

This course can strengthen your career prospects in the Civil Engineering field, as after acquiring such sophisticated software skills you will be eligible to get jobs in any Manufacturing or IT industry as a draftsman, analyst, product designer, etc.

Course Features

  • Students 5 students
  • Max Students10
  • Duration52 week
  • Skill levelintermediate
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A
  • Diploma in Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Design)


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Ajay Vishwakarma

Ajay Vishwakarma is a Diploma & B.Tech Qualified Professional with over 14 Years of Experience. He is one of our most accomplished lecturers with substantial industry experience and teaching competency in the field of CAD designing. He is with us as a professional trainer for the diploma course in Civil & Mechanical Engineering. Having over a decade of teaching experience in AutoCAD 3D/4D and CAID, Ajay specializes in teaching various Fabrication and Sketching techniques to students.

Since 2006, Mr. Vishwakarma has been working as a Corporate trainer and designer for prestigious companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, L&T, Redbrick, Kalpataru, CADD Center, ICIT Pvt ltd, Mpower Technology, Pal India Pvt Ltd, Raj Computers, and Aeit Pvt ltd.

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