MS-CIT / MS-Office | Duration :

The MS-CIT (Maharashtra State - Certificate in Information Technology) certification course is about instilling computer proficiency in students. In this course, we teach all important technical aspects of computer knowledge that you'll need in a corporate environment - in both private or public sector jobs. You'll learn about things like Computer Fundamentals, Windows OS (Operating System), etc., In this course you'll also get a thorough introduction to MS(Microsoft) Office software tools and how to use the three most widely used software tools in work-life: - MS Word (document writing tool) - MS Excel (electronic spreadsheet) - MS Powerpoint (presentation aid) This course can help you polish your ability as a professional to present data in the right way. If you are looking for an in-depth MSCIT course, RSICE is definitely your best option! We'll arm you with all the Computer & MS Office knowledge and provide job-focused extensive practical training, to help you advance in your chosen career path with ease.

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